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The Big Boss is a company focused on digital solutions for marketing and sales.

Through our platforms, we help generate results and opportunities in the digital environment.


Agile help to increase sales and achieve customer goals through our platforms and consultancies. Optimize the time of professionals and help people without technical knowledge, making them all Big Boss.


To be a reference as a Brazilian company in customized digital construction platforms in the agile market. Also be a reference in the business management model and team leadership in new models of Human Resources and agility.


Valuing and respecting people, as people are the great differential that makes everything possible. We focus on customer satisfaction, which is the reason for the existence of any business. We respect the environment, that is what gives us the perspective of tomorrow.

Our Clients

Agile platforms for you and your business


Agile platform for creating your email marketing without knowledge in HTML code


Create Landing Pages in an agile way, spending less time and without knowledge in HTML code

Smart Host

Simply and quickly host your website in Wordpress or another language with low cost


Jéssica Petry

Usaflex | E-commerce and CRM Analyst

Big Boss's Emailizy tool facilitated the creation of templates, making the experience much more practical, offering a visual language that is easy to understand.

Letícia Aragão

The Big Boss | Intern

Working at Big Boss is much more than being an employee, it means being inserted in an environment of unity, companionship, respect and engagement.